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About The Film


About the Film


Calvin never was a fan of Christmas. The smell of eggnog turned his stomach and the decking of the halls was a tedious ritual that only made simple people smile. When another Christmas rolled around, he thought it would be just like the others. Something to agonize through for his eternally optimistic, holiday-enamored wife, Ella, and his young daughter Tina. But he had no idea how much agony and outright terror there was to come when the lights in the sky showed up, bright and beautiful, full of apocalyptic doom.

When the lights flashed, and Ella and Tina changed into something different. Something dangerous and unrecognizable. And most of mankind went right along with them. Christmas, and the rest of the world were put on pause; forever.

Months down the line, the only thing Calvin wants is have one final Christmas with the family while hanging with a philosophical, new friend named G.M. as well as a horde of flesh-hungry, undead neighbors with a decay problem and a shortage of mid-July Christmas cheer, who want a little something more than to sing carols.


Joe R. Lansdale

 Joe R. Lansdale is the author of forty-five novels and four hundred shorter works, including stories, essays, reviews, film and TV scripts, introductions and magazine articles. 

He has also written scripts for John Irvin, John Wells, and Ridley Scott, as well as the Sundance TV show based on his work, HAP AND LEONARD.  

His works have been optioned for film multiple times, and many continue to be under option at the moment.

He has received numerous recognitions for his work. Among them THE EDGAR, for his crime novel THE BOTTOMS, THE SPUR, for his historical western PARADISE SKY, as well as ten BRAM STOKERS for his horror works. He has also received THE GRANDMASTER AWARD and the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from THE HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION. He has been recognized for his contributions to comics with the INKPOT LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, and has received the BRITISH FANTASY AWARD, and has had two NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOKS. He has been honored with the Italian GRINZANE CAVOUR PRIZE, the SUGAR PULP PRIZE FOR FICTION, and the RAYMOND CHANDLER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. THE EDGE OF DARK WATER was listed by BOOKLIST as an EDITOR’S CHOICE, and THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION Chose THE THICKET, for ADULT BOOKS FOR YOUNG ADULTS. LIBRARY JOURNAL voted THE THICKET, as one of the BEST HISTORICAL NOVELS OF THE YEAR.

He has also received an AMERICAN MYSTERY AWARD, THE HORROR CRITICS AWARD, and the SHOT IN THE DARK INTERNATIONAL CRIME WRITER’S AWARD. He was recognized for his contributions to the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs with THE GOLDEN LION AWARD. He is a member of THE TEXAS INSTITUTE OF LITERATURE and has been inducted into the TEXAS LITERARY HALL OF FAME and is WRITER IN RESIDENCE at STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY.

His work has also been nominated multiple times for THE WORLD FANTASY AWARD, and numerous Bram Stoker Awards, the MCCAVITY AWARD, as well as THE DASHIELL HAMMETT AWARD, and others.  

He has been inducted into the INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME, as well as the UNITED STATES. MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME and is the founder of the Shen Chuan martial arts system. 

His books and stories have been translated into a number of languages. 

He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas with his wife, Karen, a pit bull, and a cranky cat.


Director & Writers

Keith Lansdale has adapted and written multiple scripts for film such as The Projectionist (currently in pre-production), The Promise, Best Sellers Guaranteed, and The Pale Door (in post production). Christmas With The Dead was previously filmed in 2012 and has recently been readapted to be filmed again with Lansdale directing the project. It has also been adapted for a stage musical.

He has a TV pilot Lost Echoes, based on a novel by Joe R. Lansdale, in consideration as a TV series.

Keith has adapted multiple comics such as Hoot Goes There, a short X-Files series for IDW comics, Mud for Creepy, Prisoner Of Violence (an extension of the Prisoner 489 universe by Joe R. Lansdale), along with comic adaptations of Crawling Sky for Antarctica Comics, Vamprilla for Diamond comics, Dog, Cat, and Baby for Dark Horse and Avatar comics, as well as God of the Razor, the Dump, and The Fat Man for other comic companies. Most recently he has picked up the mantle of Joe R Lansdale’s Red Range, with Red Range: Pirates Of Fireworld now headed to print.

Keith also co-wrote the children's story The Companion when he was twelve with his younger sister which was picked up by Creepshow, and was co-author of In Waders From Mars at the age of four. He was also a co-editor for Son Of Retro Pulp Tales, published by Subterranean Press.



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